Headshots: The world sees you online. A great headshot improves your online presence and can help the way the world sees your business.

Portraits and Boudoir: Art is fully understood before anyone invests. A Mercedes is better than a Kia. Louis Vitton or Coach are better than no names. Rolex is better than Timex. When you shop for the premium product you know the reputation and have quality expectations. When you finally purchase it you are comfortable with the experience and the product. Photography is similar. I do not charge initially, but if you love the experience and the images they will be available for purchase as prints or an album.

Weddings: There are certainly many choices for wedding photography. Why hire me to shoot your wedding?  As a full time professional photographer, I have to skill to  make you look your best. Secondly, I bring over $40,000 in top of the line professional camera's, pro lenses for that very special portrait, pro lighting, as well as top quality backups to your wedding. Quality gear makes a difference in image quality and reliability. I would not want to fail to deliver because of a equipment failure. Finally, I approach your wedding with the professionalism to exceed your expectations. I also offer a limited number of destination weddings worldwide if you want your wedding in a special place.

2019 Special Pricing starts at $999